Cancer Bats - searching for zero
Cancer Bats - searching for zero


There’s so many amazing things getting lined up for the release of Searching For Zero and were happy to announce that we will be finally returning to JAPAN! It’s been five years since we’ve raged there and this will be our first ever HEADLINE SHOW! The craziest part about the whole thing is that the beautiful people at GRINDHOUSE have made the show FREE! All you have to do is show up early to make sure you get in and then party your fucking faces off! WE will also be selling Searching For Zero at this show, so if anyone wants to fly to Japan to watch a free show and get an advance copy, you are all more than invited! GONNA BE NUTS!
Speaking of shows, our Record Release Show in Toronto is going to be fuckin banana town (that means good) SO make sure you grab tickets and come party with us on MARCH 12 and our amazing homies EXALT, DEAD TIRED and INDIAN HANDCRAFTS!!! CLICK THE LINK TO YOUR RIGHT TO GET TICKETS VIA THE WORLD WIDE WEB! or Go To Rotate (say hi to Brian) or Soundscapes!
Our tour with Exalt down to SXSW is going to be a blast! Have a look and see if were coming to a town near you! Very Radicle Bands have been added to each show on top of just our ugly faces so check out the deets and prepare to get WICKED!
SO pumped for our tour with While She Sleeps, Hundredth and Oathbreaker! Check the dates and hopefully we can rage with you!
Theres so much info that i can’t even tell you about yet and it is going to blow all your minds! Make sure you keep checking back cus theres gonna be like updates all the time about mega dope stuff.

What is up world!?!?!?! As you may have seen we’ve been crazy busy getting loads of stuff ready for the new album! We’re all way too stoked for it to come out in a MONTH! Seriously can’t wait for everyone to jam it over and over until it makes you all barf with happiness and then we’ll roll through your town and we can all spit, headband, puke and mosh together for every jam! In the meantime I hope everyone has been digging the videos we’ve put out! So pumped on how both Satellites and True Zero turned out and can’t say thank you enough to everyone who worked super hard on making them look awesome. Also huge thanks to everyone thats been jamming them none stop! TONS OF LOVE!
We’ve been doing tons of interviews for rad mags and websites from around the world so make sure you check all of those out! Also our main man VINCE has made some awesome studio docs about us making the album with the epic Ross Robinson so make sure you keep your eyeballs peeled for those dropping soon!
Look over to your right and see all the rad places we’re going to be coming through and partying! IF you don’t see your city or town on that list DO NOT WORRY! We are booking so many rad shows and festivals right now around the world so keep crossing your fingers and checking back to when you’ll be partying so hard with us!

That is all the news for now ! More News Soon! Keep It Sweet !

What Is Up World! Welcome to the new Mutha Fuckin Cancer Bats Site! We are way too excited to get this shit going and start playing OUR NEW RECORD for everyone !
For those of you who didn’t know, the reason we’ve been gone for so long was to craft our 5th full length! We worked our asses off making a serious banger that we could all party the fuck out of! We even went down to Venice Beach to record with Ross Robinson so it would sound extra dope…..which it does! If you don’t know him, google Ross cus his CV will blow your mind (as it did ours.) He also has a great dog named Carl.

Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake is kicking all of this off!!! Our homies Vince and Goonzi made this rad video of us recording in the studio, so please enjoy the fuck out of that. BUT stay tuned for more shit!!! We’ll be rolling out new songs, more studio footage of good times and things being thrown around, more TOURS!, more super dope stuff to PRE-ORDER!

in other news…….WERE GOING ON TOUR WITH WHILE SHE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know most of you are reading this going “well its about fahkin time!” We share the same sentiments! WE love the Sleeps dudes and can’t wait to rip with them next year and DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! Stay tuned for more news on that because there’s a bunch more awesome shit happening!