Cancer Bats - searching for zero
Cancer Bats - searching for zero


What Is Up World! Welcome to the new Mutha Fuckin Cancer Bats Site! We are way too excited to get this shit going and start playing OUR NEW RECORD for everyone !
For those of you who didn’t know, the reason we’ve been gone for so long was to craft our 5th full length! We worked our asses off making a serious banger that we could all party the fuck out of! We even went down to Venice Beach to record with Ross Robinson so it would sound extra dope…..which it does! If you don’t know him, google Ross cus his CV will blow your mind (as it did ours.) He also has a great dog named Carl.

Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake is kicking all of this off!!! Our homies Vince and Goonzi made this rad video of us recording in the studio, so please enjoy the fuck out of that. BUT stay tuned for more shit!!! We’ll be rolling out new songs, more studio footage of good times and things being thrown around, more TOURS!, more super dope stuff to PRE-ORDER!

in other news…….WERE GOING ON TOUR WITH WHILE SHE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know most of you are reading this going “well its about fahkin time!” We share the same sentiments! WE love the Sleeps dudes and can’t wait to rip with them next year and DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! Stay tuned for more news on that because there’s a bunch more awesome shit happening!